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Mario Parga - guitar solo (© Mario Parga/MidnightCafe Music, 2008)
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Mario Parga

Mario Parga & the new Siggery Guitars 'Mario Parga Signature' guitar

Entranced available NOW!
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Mario Parga - Entranced

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Spirit of Night available NOW!
The single by Mario Parga & Tony Martin!

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Mario Parga & Tony Martin - Spirit of Night

Mario Parga uses Peavey Amplifiers, Siggery Guitars, Fishman Acoustic Amplification, Dean Markley Strings, AKG Microphones,
Rio Grande Pickups, Violet Moon Guitar Straps & G7th Capos.

Peavey Amplifiers

Suggery Guitars

G7th Performance Capos

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Rio Grande Pickups


Fishman Acoustic Amplification

Violet Moon Guitar Straps


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